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Reviewing the Laws


Exceeding Expectations

Checkmate Investigations is known for employing some of the most experienced and educated investigators in the area. That’s because after years of experience working both small and large scale cases, our world-class investigators understand what it takes to get the results you need.

We consistently adhere to strict quality and privacy standards in order to ensure our work remains unbiased, relevant, and accurate. After all, in-depth and responsible research is a main pillar at our company. Set up your initial consultation and learn what our Private Investigation Firm can do for you.

Crime Scene Tape


Quality Work

Checkmate Investigations has worked with several high profile attorneys in the Houston area. We have assisted in investigating and interviewing witnesses on misdemeanor cases up to capital murder. If you are looking to hire for a court appointed case or a free world case, Checkmate Investigations has experience with both. We make sure to keep our investigators up to date on continuing education and licensing requirements. You can be assured that we will stay in constant contact with our clients to insure that we are providing the details necessary for your investigation to stay on track and ready for trial or court deadlines. 

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